Ettenauer – Windows at its best

Christian and Sue Ettenauer work together as a winning team in there company since many years and the success shows there potential as team-players.


As a skilled carpenter and with experience over 30 years, Christian Ettenauer has the professional know-how in the business of windows & doors.


With a huge commercial Background, Sue Ettenauer is leading the Finance & Accounting of the company.


Both are leading the company really successful.


The motto of the Company Ettenauer -


“Support on the customer, which is much more than only customer service, selling and Installation of the products. All time motivated to work for the customer. And to take care in handling with the goods and the inventory of the customer!


If you attach great importance to an optimum of living comfort or to find customised solutions for your living space, than “Ettenauer – windows at its best” is the competent partner to realise your high needs. Owner & Director of this company is Susanne Ettenauer.



Christian Ettenauer

  Sue Ettenauer